Our Project


Make Own Personalized CryptoCurrency Exchange for FREE (10000 CCEC Required Only) & Comprehend Crypto Industry. Boost Yourself & Profit
Become a Local Contributor of Crypto Industry with Our CryptoCurrency Exchange Platform. Help it Grow & Make Profit at the same time
One CryptoCurrency Exchange of 7600 people involved with possibility of making a Chain of Crypto Market Exchanges, for Premium Supporters, is our Project Goal!

The Global Consensus

  • Everyone can invest some ammount in the project in which he/she trusts!
  • More small investors will lead to the Global Consensus (Small Possibility Of Project Failure)
  • Big investors will also lead to Global Consensus (Same possibility of Project Failure as it is now! Top managers make decisions!)
  • Easy Crowdfunding for REAL Projects – ATM Fraudsters KNOW how to do Crowdfunding in CryptoWorld but REAL Project Owners DO NOT Know!

Local Contrubutors

Local Contributor is the person who will invest some money in our Coin, based on Ethereum, and will advertise CryptoXChange World decentralized exchange to the local community he/she is part of. Imagine the potential of crypto market growth after we will establish the network of Local Contributors worldwide?! The contributor will personally, or via its agents, make sure Mobile/PC application to be installed on all willing community members and will teach them how to choose where&how to invest. The contributors will have the possibility to have personalized CryptoXchange and percentage of fee taken by global CryptoXchange World project. This is called – real penetration of crypto industry into population who are not introduced with new technology much or none.


  • CryptoIndustry Boost – New Users – New Investments
  • Global Consensus for the new project Crowdfunding
    Low Percent of Project Failure
    FREE Advertising for investors
  • Elimination of huge fees taken by the banks for loan and transactions
  • Increased employability

our Team

We are group of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology enthusiast with a plan


Vojislav Jovanović


Blockchain and crypto currency enthusiast with over 10 years of experience in IT industry, mainly in area of networking, printing solutions and document management systems. One of the Montenegro Blockchain Foundation founders.

Ivan Jolicić


International brands CEO with long term experience in telecommunications and international markets, as well as passionate crypto currencies researcher and blockchain pioneer. Ivan is one of the Montenegro Blockchain Foundation founders, too.

Radovan Kujović


Specialist in financial sector, loans and leasing execution, bankruptcy and financial forensic, with more than 10 year experience in banking and exchange sector and also researcher of legal and financial aspect of crypto currencies exchange markets. Co-founder of Montenegro Blockchain Foundation.

Goran Garcević


Core coding part of the team, blockchain and crypto enthusiast with experience in variety of programing languages and broad knowledge in area of internet security and cryptology. Founder and coder of Softmarket.me project. Co-founder of Montenegro Blockchain Foundation.

Our Coding Crew

Predrag Ristić

PHP, Python, NodeJS senior programer. Lured by force of blockchain and smart contracts. Working in Mobileland Company Montenegro.

Stevan Krstić

PHP, NodeJS and LINUX expert with extensive knowledge of crypto world and mobile solutions. Currently working in Compass holding LLC USA.

Savo Lekić

Data base architect with WP, Grav, Drupal and Joomla frontend design experiance. Responsible for creative ideas and promotion. Working in Mobileland Company Montenegro.

Petar Nikić

Senior IT technician with more then 10 years experiance in server and network administration. IT all-rounder.